Spring is finally here and you know what that means! Backyard barbeques, fun with friends and family, and lots of sunshine. It also means hot summer temperatures are just around the corner, so we thought we’d bring you three quick tips to help get your AC ready for the next heat wave.

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Preparing your AC system should be an important part of your spring checklist. Proper maintenance will ensure that your air conditioner works at peak efficiency on the haziest, hottest and most humid days—that’s when you need it most!

It will also help you avoid costly breakdowns while extending the life of your air conditioning system.


#1 – Replace Furnace Filter
#2 – Thermostat
#3 – Annual System Check


#1 – Replace Furnace Filter

Your AC uses the same filter as your furnace (assuming it’s not a ductless system) and therefore a dirty filter will make your AC and your furnace work a lot harder than it needs to. This leads to reduced efficiency and can stress the system, which can result in premature breakdown.


dirty air filters affect indoor air quality


A clean air filter also means cleaner indoor breathing air, and when indoor air is 2-5 times dirtier than outdoor air, we know this is something all homeowners ought to take seriously.


#2 – Thermostat

Sure, you want to set your thermostat to “cool,” but did you also know that this is the perfect time to reprogram your thermostat in order to maximize comfort when it matters most—when you’re at home?


Air Conditioning and Programmable Thermostats in U.S Homes


This chart reveals that only 12% of homeowners with programmable thermostats actually use them. That’s a lot of money being wasted!

Instead, try adjusting temperature settings and cooling times to your schedule. If your thermostat isn’t programmable, then you may want to look into getting one. It’ll save energy by turning your AC on only when you need it.


#3 – Annual System Check

Finally, don’t forget to get your AC and heating systems checked by a professional annually. Letting your system go without yearly maintenance is asking for trouble, and often results in poor system performance followed by sudden and catastrophic failure.

A trained professional should check refrigerant levels and check that all electrical and mechanical components are operating safely and at peak efficiency.

Why Do I Need My HVAC System Checked?

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