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WiFi Thermostat InstallationSave up to 20% on heating and cooling costs with the installation of a WiFi thermostat!

Sanford Temperature Control, Inc.’s extensive line of WiFi thermostats and controls offer amazing possibilities to manage every aspect of your indoor climate. Keep track of energy use, set reminders for maintenance and filter changes, and even monitor the local forecast. Take advantage of remote access to make temperature adjustments, even when you’re away from home, or individualize settings in up to eight different rooms. The opportunities for trimming costs are nearly endless!

Get the benefits of a WiFi thermostat installation!

Luxury. Convenience. Comfort.

Sanford Temperature Control, Inc. satisfies your need for a practical solution to home temperature control. Innovative WiFi controls are the latest and greatest in technology and wonderfully user-friendly. With installation from Sanford Temperature Control, Inc., we not only help you find the ideal fit for your specific needs, but also make sure you’re familiar with operation.

Although your old thermostat might remain operational, consider an upgrade. The installation of a WiFi thermostat quickly pays for itself with a potential savings of 20% on heating and cooling costs. Whether you’re at home or away, real-time monitoring keeps you updated. Don’t rely on hands-on adjustment! Never forget to make changes again! Receive information from across the street or across the globe.

Côr WiFi Thermostats

WiFi Thermostat Replacement Côr Thermostats trim 20% from the average household’s heating and cooling costs by targeting energy use.

Smart setback enables the control to adapt beyond manual programming to achieve greater efficiency, without sacrificing comfort. Energy updates show detailed histories so that you can make adjustments to improve savings. The system will even offer energy saving tips tailored to your specific requirements.

Along with a wide range of HVAC system and brand compatibility, Carrier Côr technology enhances efficiency by orchestrating the performance of a Carrier heat pump and furnace in a Hybrid Heat system. Upgrade to remote access and enjoy complete control from virtually anywhere.

Performance Series Thermostats

Quality WiFi Thermostat InstallationWall-mounted, stylish, and ultra-slim, Performance series thermostats integrate perfectly into any interior design. Easy-to-read screens and user-friendly interfaces make these units extremely simple to operate. They’ll even guide you through settings and programs, ensuring that you take advantage of all the convenient and cutting-edge features. Available in programmable and non-programmable models, this line can be used with either Performance or Comfort series HVAC systems to maintain tight control over temperature and humidity.

Infinity Series Controls

Smart Thermostat InstallationWith unmatched capabilities, the Infinity control offers the highest degree of comfort management. This communicating control is designed to partner with Infinity system products and orchestrates ultra-efficient Greenspeed intelligence systems. Customize temperatures, humidity, ventilation, airflow, and indoor air quality in up to eight zones in your home. Advanced features coordinate the performance of your heat pump and furnace in a Hybrid Heat system.

Touchscreen settings, filter replacement notification, and system diagnostics deliver superior management of your heating and cooling equipment. Energy-use tracking, Touch-N-Go program adjustments, and smart setback promote optimum efficiency. Infinity control uses the home’s existing router to provide remote access from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Control it from across the street or across the globe!

2 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bills with Your Thermostat

Do you know what two of the most important elements to reducing your cooling or heating bills are?

One of them is operating your thermostat efficiently, and the other one is … YOU! That’s because one of the biggest costs for energy isn’t driven by the thermostat, but by the person who controls it.

Whether you have a conventional thermostat or a programmable (smart) thermostat, you should be aware that how you use your thermostat determines how efficiently your systems will run.

Energy Savings

First, avoid the extremes of cooling or heating your home when you’re not there. It’s usually not a good idea to leave your home unduly warm or cold because it costs you money.

If you prefer your AC to be set for 68 degrees on a hot summer day, consider turning it up to 75 degrees when you’re not there.  As a rule of thumb, never turn the AC up (or your heat down) more than 7 to 10 degrees. When you get home, your system won’t cool or heat your house any faster, and it usually costs more in the long run in the form of increased fuel usage.

Know your Programmable Thermostats

7-day – Excellent for schedules that vary. Does someone work from home? Do kids come and go all weekend? A 7-day schedule might work best for you.

5+2 – These settings work well for folks on steady schedules during the week, but who are home on the weekends.

5+1+1 – These settings work best for people who tend to keep one schedule Monday through Friday, and another schedule on Saturdays and Sundays.


Top quality HVAC products and services, including innovative WiFi thermostats!

As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Sanford Temperature Control, Inc. provides our customers with the most technologically advanced thermostats and controls on the market. Installation is quick and non-invasive, and we make sure everything is set up properly and to your preferences. WiFi thermostats are part of our ongoing commitment to making our customers’ lives easier. Better. Cheaper. Let us simplify your life!

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