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Ductless Mini Split RepairLimited on S P A C E? Want comfort without the hassle and cost of renovation or expensive ductwork? Tired of relying on portable heaters, box fans, or portable air conditioners?

Innovative ductless mini splits are an excellent solution for homes without ductwork, and they put control at your fingertips while enhancing efficiency, comfort, and convenience. Sanford Temperature Control, Inc. will accurately size, strategically place, and properly install air handlers, completing your project on time and on budget to deliver perfect heating and cooling.

Benefits of ductless HVAC:

  • Save Money – Significantly less power than traditional air conditioners are required, which slashes operational costs.
  • Eliminate Energy Waste – Completely eliminate energy waste, maintenance needs, and air quality problems caused by ductwork.
  • Same-day Installation – One day is usually all we need to successfully install these amazing units.
  • No Demolition – Why tear down walls or give up closet space for ductwork installation?
  • Versatile, Compact & Lightweight – These indoor units can be mounted on a wall, suspended from the ceiling, or even recessed into a drop ceiling.
  • Modern Design – Exterior jackets and streamlined designs allow indoor units to incorporate seamlessly into virtually any décor.
  • Get Pretty – Replace unattractive and inefficient box fans, window units, space heaters, electric baseboard heaters, and extension cords.
  • User-friendly – Wireless remotes are simple and easy to use.
  • Enhanced Comfort – Switch from heating to cooling and increase or decrease temperature with the touch of a button.
  • Take Control – Control zones and avoid energy waste while targeting comfort from room to room.
  • Safe & Clean – Operation is quiet, clean, and safe.

One of the great things about about ductless HVAC and heat pump systems is their efficiency. By using state-of-the-art inverter compressor technology, they heat and cool at variable speeds, modulating to maintain even temperatures rather than constantly cycling on and off like you normally find in more traditional systems. This means they use the right amount of energy to meet your needs while saving you money and maximizing your comfort.

Temperature and Time Comparison

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Sanford Temperature Control, Inc. brings you the most sophisticated systems on the market, featuring Carrier products. The Carrier Infinity series lets you choose between a heat pump, for both heating and cooling capability, or an air conditioner unit. Satisfy the need for conditioning in an open floor plan or multiple rooms. Multi-speed fans, wireless remotes, helpful dehumidification, and customization of individual zones enhance enjoyment and increase home value. The Infinity Residential Ductless Highwall Heat Pump utilizes a variable-speed compressor to achieve up to 30.5 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and 10.3 HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor). Built-in smartphone control, sleep mode settings, and timed start-stop are all accessible from a handy wireless remote.

The Infinity Residential Ductless Multi-Zone Pump System can target a single room or an entire home, features a variable-speed compressor unit, and delivers up to 22 SEER and 11 HSPF.

No Heat? No Air? Sanford Temperature Control, Inc. Will Be There.

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