Heat pump repair Milford, NH

For everyone’s comfort, temperature regulation in your home is very essential. Heat pumps are electric HVAC systems that regulate temperatures by transferring heat out of your house or into. With 40+ years of experience, Sanford Temperature Control Inc. has got you covered if your heat pump malfunctions. We are experts in heat pump installation in Milford, NH to ensure your home stays comfortable all the time.

5 Causes of Heat Pump Break

1. Dirty Filters

This is the most common cause of heat pump breakdown. Dust, pollen, ice, and other debris clog your heat pump, making it work overtime. At Sanford, we provide AC services 24/7. Call us to check those filters.

2. Power Surge

Your heat pump requires a specific amount of power. When this level is not attained, the circuit breaker trips, leading to a breakdown of your heat pump. Call our heat pump repair team to restore your heat pump anytime.

3. Worn Out Capacitor

Is there a clicking sound coming out of your heat pump? This means you need to replace the heat pump capacitor. Reach out to our team for heat pump replacement services.

4. Frozen Coil

The heat pump coil can freeze due to poor airflow or refrigerant problems. Thankfully, the Sanford team will provide heat pump services without breaking the bank.

5. Lack of Maintenance

When your heat pump maintenance is poor, the parts become worn out over time, leading to breakdowns. To prevent this scenario, call our team for routine maintenance.

Wrapping Up

To keep your home temperatures in the right state, your heat pump must stay in top-notch condition. Sanford Temperature Control Inc. is the leading local HVAC contractor with 40 years of experience and is on speed dial for regular maintenance services of your heat pump. Give us a call today.

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