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Indoor air quality is one of the Top 5 Environmental Risks to public health, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, but now you can disinfect your indoor breathing air 24 hours a day without harmful chemicals or sprays.

Mold spores, bacteria and fungi can invade the dark, damp surfaces of your cooling coil. Left unchecked, buildup of these contaminants can release potentially harmful pollutants into the air you breathe, as well as reduce system efficiency.

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As part of Carrier Healthy Home Solutions, the germicidal UV lamp bathes the cooling coil with intense UV-C light, sterilizing its surfaces while maximizing system efficiency and protecting the air you breathe. UV lights are mounted inside your system, near the indoor cooling coil, where fungus and microbes may grow and pollutants can collect.


No cleaning is required for the lamps. Simply replace them once a year and you can continue to enjoy cleaner, healthier air and enhanced system efficiency.

UV lights are designed to work in newer systems, but can work in your current system as well. With a five-year limited warranty and an available extended warranty, better air quality means a healthier, longer life.

The lamps are covered with a 90-day limited warranty. Do you have questions? Our friendly experts would love to hear from you! Call Sanford Temperature Control at (603) 769-3956 today!

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