Let’s face it, your home is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make, yet too many homeowners think of their car, their retirement fund, or next year’s trip to the Caribbean before they consider their home as the long-term investment that it is. When homes represent such a high income-to-debt ratio, it may be prudent to reassess what you’re going to do with that tax return this year.

Homeowners often think big when investing in their home (especially if they’re going to sell), like renovating a kitchen or bathroom, or adding an addition. These are big changes that come with big price tags, and may not fulfill your return-on-investment needs in the long run. Instead, consider these five simple reasons to invest your tax return into your home heating and air conditioning system and embrace the comfort you deserve.

Reason # 1: Increase Home Value

New home heating and air conditioning system increase home value, slash energy bills, and reduce the strain on the environment. Since many new systems are ENERGY STAR rated, you’ll save money in the short and the long-term by reducing your overall utility costs.

Or if you’re considering selling your home in the future, then potential buyers will love to hear that you’ve installed a brand new, high efficiency HVAC system so that they can rest easy (and comfortably) in their new home.

Reason # 2: Energy Efficiency = Cost $avings!

Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems

Modern home heating and air conditioning systems are designed to be energy efficient, saving homeowners hundreds to thousands of dollars every year. They’re far superior to systems manufactured a decade ago, which are likely ready to be upgraded, which is why there are so many energy rebates available right now (more on that on our blog this month). Southern New Hampshire is an area where the weather is unpredictable and the climate easily changes, so an HVAC system that can adapt to our roller coaster weather is a big investment in quality and long-term value, not to mention home comfort.

Or you may benefit from the targeted cooling and heating of a mini-split system, ductless systems that are sleek and cost-effective to install and don’t rely on potentially leaky ductwork. Added bonus: each mini-split services its own area, which essentially creates a zoned system, so you can pick and choose which temperature is right for you from room to room.

Reason #3: Aging or Inefficient System

If you’re system is a) more than 10 years old, or b) not keeping you comfortable, then it’s time to contact the experts at Sanford. We can assess your system, analyze your needs, and deliver customized solutions.

Not all problems are caused by faulty HVAC systems, however, and Sanford has earned its quality reputation by not selling you what you don’t need. For example, even new duct work leaks between 25-40% according to the US Department of Energy, so duct leakage might be costing you between 25 and 40 cents on the dollar in home heating and cooling costs, and actually isn’t the fault of the system at all. Sanford offers a same-day duct sealing service called Aeroseal that eliminates up to 90% of conditioned air leakage (think money leakage) and can raise the efficiency of your system by up to 20%.

Maybe your home heating and air conditioning system hasn’t been serviced lately, and just needs a little TLC. Or maybe insulating your home with blown-in insulation is the proper course of action. Sometimes these lower-cost options are the best solutions to your problems.

Reason # 4: Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Sure, HVAC systems heat, cool, and circulate air, but they also have some other important jobs that you may not be aware of.

First, by removing moisture from your home, they dehumidify and make your home more comfortable. Second, they’re compatible with humidifiers for drier environments as well, since not every solution is one-size-fits-all. Third, systems with ventilators minimize energy loss while bringing fresh air into your home and exiting stale air year round. Energy recovery ventilators use the outgoing air’s thermal energy to pre-condition the air coming in so you can enjoy fresh air without overworking your system. They’re best used in climates where the summer is hot and humid and Southern New Hampshire definitely qualifies. Fresh air and comfort? Wow!

But perhaps most importantly, HVAC systems are responsible for filtering your breathing air, which is a critical job since most people spend up to 60-90% of their time indoors, and indoor air is typically 2-5 times dirtier than outdoor air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The air filter in the image above held by Nate, one of our techs, was ONLY THREE DAYS OLD at the time of this Aeroseal Duct Sealing job!

Improperly sealed duct work can result in poor indoor air quality as systems suck in dust, mold, pollen, mildew, and even rodent droppings, so it’s important to have a certified expert assess your home heating and air conditioning system for air quality concerns.

Reason #5: High-tech Customization

High-Tech HVAC Systems

Modern systems have a wide range of money and energy-saving capabilities that older systems lack. Sure, we can add humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and ventilators to your system, however your system can also be upgraded with smart Wi-Fi thermostats. These devices offer amazing possibilities to manage every aspect of your indoor climate and cost-savings needs, from maintenance reminders to remote access from across the street or across the globe.

Modern systems can also be zoned for several areas; older models often only have one zone—the whole house—which results in uneven distribution and hot and cold rooms.

Upgrading your HVAC may not be as glamorous as that new renovation but it can also a lot cheaper. Besides, your home should be your comfort zone, so when the temperature and humidity are topping 95, or dip below zero, you can wine and dine your friends, colleagues, and family members comfortably all year round. Now that’s glamorous!

Adrian Wasylyshyn

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