Cost-Effective Hybrid Heating Solutions in Milford, NH

Why go hybrid? Save up to 40% on your heating bills, achieve superior enjoyment of your home, and lower operating costs!

Hybrid Heat systems combine the efficiency of a heat pump during moderate weather with the severe weather solution of a furnace, taking advantage of the most energy-efficient heating source. You benefit from year-round temperature control at far lower costs.

As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Sanford Temperature Control, Inc. is always updated with industry innovations and trained in the proper installation, repair, and upkeep of these cutting-edge systems. Contact us for expert recommendations or to schedule a convenient appointment. Our phone is always answered by a knowledgeable member of our staff and every project is completed quickly, accurately, and to your total satisfaction.

Learn about the benefits of a hybrid heating system installation!

Sanford Temperature Control, Inc. can guide you through the challenge of volatile weather, unstable fuel prices, and precision temperature control with hybrid systems. A dual fuel hybrid heating system automatically switches between natural gas (or propane or oil) and electricity to make use of the most effective fuel source. In cold weather, the hybrid system operates off electricity, enhancing comfort with the heat pump’s steady, gentle heat. When temperatures plummet, the hybrid system automatically switches to the gas furnace for a seamless transition.

Although heat pumps are more economical to operate than furnaces, due to the severe cold of local winters, a heat pump can’t always answer the demand. So why not just stick with a furnace? Hybrid systems provide greater comfort, environmental benefits, cooling capability, and offer as much as 40% savings over last year’s heating bill.

A hybrid system is the optimum partnership of efficiency and performance. Your furnace will handle the coldest nights of the year, but the heat pump will cover the rest. With high-quality Carrier products, Sanford Temperature Control, Inc. custom designs user-friendly hybrid systems that ensure outstanding reliability and efficient temperature control.

Call (603) 769-3956 for hybrid heating system repairs, service, and installations!

Our fully licensed and factory-trained technicians will evaluate your specific household requirements and personal needs, and complete your installation on time and on budget. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable with proper operation and completely satisfied with your indoor comfort. Established in 1982, we’ve spent the last three decades perfecting solutions for the wild and diverse New Hampshire weather. Our expert maintenance will protect your investment, and 24/7 customer service will meet all of your repair needs.

No Heat? No Air? Sanford Temperature Control, Inc. Will Be There.

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