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DehumidifierExperience fewer illnesses, protect furnishings, reduce wear and tear on your HVAC system, and lower your monthly heating and cooling costs. Carrier Performance series humidifiers and dehumidifiers are meticulously designed to maintain the perfect amount of moisture in your home, and when humidity is kept within the ideal range, you benefit from a healthier, more comfortable indoor environment.

Overly dry air makes you feel colder, resulting in higher thermostat settings in the winter, while overly moist air causes uncomfortable humidity levels in the summer. With the right product incorporated seamlessly into your HVAC system, you’ll improve your everyday life and save a considerable amount of money.

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Steam HumidifierInnovative humidifiers and dehumidifiers are low in maintenance, quiet, and wonderfully effective. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, the experts from Sanford Temperature Control, Inc. specialize in the most technologically advanced solutions in home comfort and air quality on the market.

We offer a range of options and our factory-trained technicians will work with you to determine the perfect choice for your specific situation. We provide quick, convenient, skilled installation, and make sure you’re familiar with proper operation, upkeep, and features.

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Newly Replaced Humidifier

  • Dehumidifiers – Excess moisture promotes the growth of mold and bacteria, creating the perfect environment for cockroaches, dust mites, centipedes, and other insects. Managing indoor humidity provides effective relief for people who suffer from asthma, allergies, and respiratory problems, and gets rid of that sticky feeling that makes it difficult to relax. You’ll save money by feeling more comfortable at higher thermostat settings.

    The installation of a Carrier Performance Series Dehumidifier cuts down on the workload of your cooling system, protects fine furnishings from moisture damage, and creates a healthy, more productive indoor environment. Available in two sizes, you can choose between targeting a single room or an entire house. Either way, you’ll benefit from quiet and low-maintenance operation. These systems can be configured with your existing system or run independently. Features such as zoning capability, on-board LCD control, wall-mounted control, permanent MERV 8 filters, and automatic response make Carrier Performance series dehumidifiers the right choice to battle excess humidity.

  • Steam humidifiers – A current, flowing between two energized electrodes, converts water to steam, which is then delivered into the duct through a dispersion tube. This patented dispersion technology eliminates concern over condensation in the ductwork. Carrier Performance Series Steam Humidifiers enable application without extra filtration, accommodating a wide range of water hardness. These units feature an easy-to-replace steam canister, near-silent operation, and with up to 34 gallons of output, are an ideal choice for larger homes. Steam humidifiers maintain appropriate and comfortable humidity levels by infusing a pure and natural form of moisture into your indoor air.

  • Bypass style humidifiers – Bypass varieties draw warm air from the home’s heating ducts, pass it through a water panel where it absorbs needed moisture, and then deliver it back into the air stream. The Performance Series Bypass Humidifier requires less electricity than fan-powered humidifiers, relying on the furnace blower to supply air movement that drives moisture vapor into your ducts. Large or small capacity options are available, with easy access to water panels and 100% efficient water usage.

  • Fan-Powered humidifier – Available in 18-gallon-per-day or 12-gallon-per-day water vapor output, the Carrier Performance Series Fan-Powered Humidifiers work much like a bypass option, but with the addition of a fan to blow air across the water panel. This added power provides boosted water evaporation. High-capacity, whole-house humidifiers blow moisture vapor directly into your duct. While these units use more electricity than bypass-style humidifiers, they provide a gallon more of humidity each day. These units are the ideal solution for heat pump applications.
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