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We the People represent the future of our nation. The winner of Sanford Temperature Control’s $500 Community Commitment for June was a group of 15 students at Milford High School who participated in an AP-level class that focuses on government and politics.


David Alcox, Teacher at Milford High School, left; Andre Aresenault, Student of We the People, left middle; George Hoyt, Former Student of We the People, right middle; Dale Sanford, Owner of Sanford Temperature Control, right



We the People promotes civic competence and responsibility, while illustrating the fundamental principles of American democracy. It is a national organization within the Center for Civic Education that delivers an “innovative course of instruction on the history and principles of the United States constitutional democratic republic. The program enjoys active support from state bar associations and foundations, and other educational, professional, business, and community organizations across the nation.”


Students in this class master a printed text, read materials such as the Federalist Papers and the Anti Federalists Papers, as well as many contemporary books by authors such as Akhil Amar and Laurence Tribe. Other interactive content explores the history and principles of constitutional democracy through critical-thinking and cooperative-learning exercises. The goal is for students to prepare themselves for competitions at the local and state level, while learning civic responsibility.


“The competitions are like congressional hearings where students testify, create a prepared statement, and have a free question period,” said George Hoyt, a former student of We the People, current Board Member of the Milford School District Budget Committee, as well as Board Member of the Town of Milford Recycling Committee.


Milford’s own branch of We the People has won 15 of 19 state championships!


See these brilliant young minds in action here:

Given his civic involvement, Hoyt is a prime example of how his experiences with We the People have helped shape him into a community-minded citizen.


“A lot of kids have gotten involved in politics in some way after going through the program,” said David Alcox, teacher of We the People at Milford High School. “It helps them learn to be better citizens, to get out and vote, and get involved. Many kids go on to all different types of jobs, but this is civic knowledge they can take with them.”


Since 1998, over 500 students have participated in Milford’s branch of We the People.


“Students are motivated by community involvement” said Hoyt. “They are the leaders of tomorrow.”


We here at Sanford Temperature Control couldn’t agree more, and we’re proud to support this wonderful initiative.

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