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(Dale Sanford, Owner of Sanford Temperature Control; left. Lauren Boss, President NAAA; left center.

Laura Barry, Webmaster NAAA; right center. Jackie Barry, Greeley Park Art Show Chair; right)


Edgar Degas once said, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”


The Nashua Area Artists’ Association, a non-profit, all-volunteer educational organization, has been living up to these words by helping local artists and residents experience great art since 1951. The association showcases the work from its 80-100 members at a gallery tucked neatly into street-level suite at 30 Temple Street, Nashua, revealing considerable talent from well-renowned artists recognized both locally and internationally. The sheer volume of inventory and variation of artistic mediums is certainly impressive, which includes oils, pastels, photography, watercolor, and jewelry, just to name a few.





But the Nashua Area Artists’ Association isn’t only focused on showcasing the work of its members. Open to artists of all levels, it provides valuable services to the community in particular and to the spirit of the arts in general by engaging in community outreach efforts to ensure that art remains an important part of our society and culture. For instance, the association spearheads scholarships for high school students interested in pursuing the arts at the university level. It also helps struggling artists find their artistic groove, whether it’s helping with the cost of supplies for artists such as Ron Woods, an armed forces veteran and aspiring photographer, or providing artistic development and mentoring.



The association also spearheads several events throughout the year, and one of the biggest is just around the corner! The Greeley Park Art Show, now in its 63rd year, gives local artists of all ages a chance to showcase their work and compete in local events, such as art shows for adults and youths. The two-day event gives the community a chance to experience many artistic mediums, learn valuable lessons, enjoy positive reinforcement, and be exposed to new techniques and artistic perspectives.


The Greeley Park Art Show provides critical support for the association. “The arts don’t get funding,” says Lauren Boss, President of the Nashua Area Artists’ Association. The art show provides much-needed exposure for the cause of advancing the arts in the local community and beyond, and serves as an important buoy for artistic culture in an accelerating world of digital change.


The gallery also experiences its own change about every two months. Dutiful staff members rotate the entire inventory, which given the size of the gallery, is an achievement in and of itself.


The association ultimately seeks to continue to grow its membership and increase its scholarships. There are currently two scholarships available for high school students going to college to study the arts.




NOTE: The Nashua Area Artists’ Association was the winner of Sanford Temperature Control’s Community Commitment, a monthly contest in which Dale Sanford (owner of Sanford Temperature Control), donates $500 a month to local charities and non-profit organizations across Southern New Hampshire. Know of a good cause? Nominate it here!


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