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Aubrielle’s Hope started with the loss of a child. The doctors told Beth Cook that because of several medical issues with her baby, Aubrielle Hope Cook, she should terminate her pregnancy. Beth Cook, a woman of faith, refused. Aubrielle was born on April 13, 2016. She lived for only seven hours.

Nevertheless, Aubrielle touched the lives of over 600,000 people on Facebook and beyond when Beth shared her story with the world. The outpouring of support was overwhelming, as were the heartfelt stories from those who had endured similar experiences. Beth wasn’t alone, and neither would Aubrielle be either.

A beloved aunt, Katie Barnfield, “wanted Aubrielle’s life to have a lasting legacy.” She envisioned supporting families who had traveled the same difficult path. Barnfield knew that medical care isn’t cheap, and that the last thing families need to worry about when their child is in NICU are bills, costly medical interventions, and funeral expenses.

Aubrille’s Hope won Sanford’s August $500 Community Commitment Contest. Left, John Ditty, Aubrielle’s Hope Giving Liaison. Center, Dale Sanford, Owner of Sanford Temperature Control. Right, Lisa Ditty, Aubrielle’s Hope Donation Coordinator.


Aubrielle’s Hope alleviates some of that burden with donations as high as $500 to help with the cost of funeral, cremation, and burial expenses.

“We hope to increase that amount,” said John Ditty, Board Member of Aubrielle’s Hope. “Right now our problem is that we don’t have enough awareness. We need more people to know about what we do.”

Hospitals, local communities, churches, funeral homes, families, and the staff of other regional medical facilities such as urgent care centers need to know Aubrielle’s Hope exists so that families can get the support they need during the most difficult of times. The process for support is a simple application that is then sent to the organization’s Board of Directors for approval.

Despite the challenge of awareness, supporters have been working tirelessly to spread their mission, organizing golf tournaments, bowling nights, assisting with the Pumpkin Regatta (Goffstown, NH. Oct. 14), and even hosting a few game nights with the Manchester Monarchs.

By building awareness, the charity seeks to stay true to its mission statement of making sure that “Aubrielle will be remembered and her life will be used to make a difference, like the difference she made in all of our lives in only 7 perfect hours.”

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