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Sanford Temperature Control was honored to donate $500 to the Merrimack PTA Kindergarten and Preschool in May!


Director Michelle Desmarais (left), Dale Sanford, Owner of Sanford Temperature Control (right).
Director Michelle Desmarais (left), Dale Sanford, Owner of Sanford Temperature Control (right).



This “hidden gem” first opened its doors in 1961, and for the last 55 years has been educating children through a combination of learning through play, expanding social relationships, and learning through teacher and child-directed activities.


In fact, the Merrimack PTA Kindergarten and Preschool offered kindergarten before public kindergarten even existed! Since then, it’s been an educational staple in the Reed’s Ferry district of Merrimack, and a significant number of children who attend the school are now sent there because their parents attended as children.


One of the biggest hurdles the organization faces is the upkeep of its 125-year-old building. It’s full of personality, but as many homeowners know, that personality sometimes comes with certain challenges. While the organization keeps its costs under control, they “always have a large list of to-do items,” says PTA Director Michelle Desmarais. So it made Sanford feel pretty good about being able to donate to this cause, since the PTA can now offset the cost of replacing the ramp to their school with Sanford’s charitable donation.




Anyone who meets Desmarais can tell right away that she’s passionate about her job and everything about the school. “I absolutely love being able to help families find a quality early childhood education for their children. We are so passionate in making sure that each child receives the exact care that they need.” The organization strives to provide for many more years to come,” says Desmarais.


Ultimately, the PTA strives to continue to offer “a quality education experience” for another 55 years, and Sanford Temperature Control offers them the best of luck in doing so!



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