Exciting News: Bill Trombly Joins Forces with Sanford Temperature Control


A Note From Bill Trombly:

Since my father started working for his father and then founding Bill Trombly Plumbing, Heating and Cooling in 1973, We have been provided professional insight and solutions to thousands of customers in southern New Hampshire. As “The Man of Many Hats,” I’m proud of our team’s diversity of services and strong reputation in the community. Your trust, business, and referrals have enabled our locally owned and operated organization to grow and prosper. I will be forever grateful.

I’m excited to share that as I transition towards retirement and focus more on bathroom renovations with my ReBath New Hampshire business with my wife Cristina, I’m entrusting the future of our HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical services to another local business known for its dedication and customer service. Sanford Temperature Control is an award-winning plumbing and HVAC operation with thousands of happy customers. Both Sanford and Bill Trombly teams are uniquely focused on providing customers with honest communication, efficient problem-solving, and technical expertise. With your future needs in mind, our management and employees are focused and committed to providing a smooth transition as we progress the plumbing, heating, and cooling business forward.

While I’ll be less involved in the day-to-day operations, I’ll remain closely connected to the business, ensuring the transition is smooth and successful. I am enthusiastic about seeing the company evolve under Sanford’s dynamic leadership.

Your trust and support have been the cornerstone of our success. I am grateful for your loyalty and am confident that Sanford will continue to provide the exceptional service you deserve. Thank you for being part of our journey. I look forward to seeing how the Sanford-Trombly partnership will enrich our community and continue to serve your needs with unwavering dedication.

Thank you for your ongoing support and business.

– Bill Trombly Jr.


A Note from Rich Jordan, owner of Sanford:

For over five decades, Bill Trombly has been a cornerstone in our community, offering outstanding services to homeowners like you. We at Sanford are excited to partner with the team Bill has built, aiming to further the incredible work they’ve accomplished. This partnership is a testament to our shared values and commitment to excellence in the trades.

I understand that changes, especially those involving companies you rely on, can sometimes bring questions and a bit of anxiety. I want to assure you that our foremost commitment is to preserve and enhance the customer and employee experience that has been the hallmark of Bill Trombly’s success. Our goal is to ensure a seamless transition that upholds the high standards you’ve come to expect.

At Sanford, our mission is to “Give the Trades a Good Home.” This means ensuring that skilled tradespeople and homeowners like you continue to have access to a reliable, trustworthy local service provider. By partnering with Bill Trombly, we are taking a significant step towards fulfilling this mission. It’s our way of making sure that a great local business doesn’t fade away or fall into the hands of national entities more focused on profit than people.

We believe in treating our team with the utmost respect – which includes comprehensive training, fair pay, and an excellent work environment. This approach ensures that our team is always ready to provide top-notch, responsive service to you, our valued customers. We are not just maintaining the legacy of Bill Trombly; we are committed to enhancing it.

As we move forward, we are eager to continue serving you with the same dedication and quality you have always known. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to discuss this exciting new chapter, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Thank you for allowing us to continue to serve you. We look forward to building on the trust and relationship that you have established with Bill, ensuring your home remains a comfortable and safe haven for years to come.

– Rich Jordan.


Some quick housekeeping items:

  • No Change to Your Existing Warranties. Sanford is committed to standing behind all warranties and obligations of Bill Trombly.
  • No Change to Your Value Rate Plan. If you are a Bill Trombly Value Rate Member, you will maintain all of your member benefits and we can’t wait to see you again for your annual maintenance!
  • Same Contact Info. All questions and requests for service can still be directed to the same Bill Trombly phone number you’ve always used.
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