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2 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bills with Your Thermostat


Do you know what two of the most important elements to reducing your cooling or heating bills are?

One of them is operating your thermostat efficiently, and the other one is … YOU! That’s because one of the biggest costs for energy isn’t driven by the thermostat, but by the person who controls it.

Whether you have a conventional thermostat or a programmable (smart) thermostat, you should be aware that how you use your thermostat determines how efficiently your systems will run.

First, avoid the extremes of cooling or heating your home when you’re not there. It’s usually not a good idea to leave your home unduly warm or cold because it costs you money.

If you prefer your AC to be set for 68 degrees on a hot summer day, consider turning it up to 75 degrees when you’re not there.  As a rule of thumb, never turn the AC up (or your heat down) more than 7 to 10 degrees. When you get home, your system won’t cool or heat your house any faster, and it usually costs more in the long run in the form of increased fuel usage.

Know your Programmable Thermostats


7-day – Excellent for schedules that vary. Does someone work from home? Do kids come and go all weekend? A 7-day schedule might work best for you.

5+2 – These settings work well for folks on steady schedules during the week, but who are home on the weekends.

5+1+1 – These settings work best for people who tend to keep one schedule Monday through Friday, and another schedule on Saturdays and Sundays.


Some of these settings are self-contained and only operate from the thermostat itself. However, many are now Wi-Fi-compatible and can be controlled remotely from a computer, tablet or smart phone.
You can be efficient, save money and stay comfortable all year long!






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