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Once upon a time, heating and cooling systems were expensive to run and install, inefficiency was the norm, and every house had at least one stubborn room (or more) that was always too hot or too cold, too drafty or too damp.


The “fix?”

Band Aid


Homeowners cranked their thermostats up in the winter or dialed them down in the summer to temperatures they never seemed to reach. People suffered, and often wasted up to 50% of their energy bills on heating and cooling!


To make matters worse, ugly window air conditioners bloomed like mushrooms from the windows of homes, drawing so much electricity that entire power grids failed when temperatures spiked. Mosquitoes, bees, and other creepy-crawlies wriggled between the gaps between these units and window frames because they just never seemed to make a tight seal.


Hot, buggy summers, or cold, drafty winters? Those were dark times indeed.


Is this scenario far-fetched? Not if you’ve ever looked at your utility bill and thought, “Why am I spending so much money?”


Introducing the Swiss Army Knife of heating and cooling systems: the heat pump! These amazing units are air conditioners that also heat, cycle air in and out of homes, dehumidify, maintain even temperatures, lower utility bills by as much as 50%, and are energy efficient.


Basically, it’s what Leonardo da Vinci would’ve invented if he’d wanted to heat and cool the homes of Florence.


Da Vinci Graphic

How do these nifty inventions work?


When it’s cold out, heat pumps pull in outside air and warm it before transferring it indoors. When it’s hot out, the pump reverses direction and becomes an air conditioner, sucking heat out of your home and replacing it with cool, comfortable air. Heat pumps also move heat instead of generating heat, so homeowners enjoy superior energy efficiency as well.

With such versatility, cost-effectiveness, and green-friendliness why not consider a new Heat Pump system? You can’t get this deal anywhere else, and our full line of Carrier products were rated a Top 5 Heat Pump Brand by Heat Pump Digest.


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