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Do you live in a home that doesn’t have ductwork? Do you suffer from hot or cold rooms? Or, maybe you’re looking for a simple way to heat or cool an addition or renovation?

Sanford Temperature Control has the solution for you: ductless HVAC systems.

Ductless and heat pump systems provide customizable options to meet virtually every heating and cooling need. From high wall units to cassettes to consoles, ductless systems provide unprecedented home heating and cooling customization so that you can get the comfort you deserve in whichever way that makes the most sense for you.

Ductless cassette, console, and high wall image.

Ductless systems—including heat pumps—are flexible, efficient, and quiet, and for a limited time you can save up to $2.200 on a new system by taking advantage of New Hampshire energy efficiency rebates as well as Carrier manufacturer rebates. Manufacturer rebates are available only to factory-authorized dealers like Sanford Temperature Control.

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One of the great things about about ductless HVAC and heat pump systems is their efficiency. By using state-of-the-art inverter compressor technology, they heat and cool at variable speeds, modulating to maintain even temperatures rather than constantly cycling on and off like you normally find in more traditional systems. This means they use the right amount of energy to meet your needs while saving you money and maximizing your comfort.

Installation is fast, easy and doesn’t make a mess, usually requiring just small hole in the wall through which a pipe carries refrigerant. There’s no need for massive construction or expensive new ductwork.

Dcutless heat pump graphic with single refrigerant pipe shows easy no mess installation

So, if you live in a home that doesn’t have ductwork, you’re tired of suffering from hot or cold rooms, or you need a heating and cooling solution for an addition or renovation, then ductless HVAC and heat pump systems may be just the thing you’re looking for!

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