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Sanford was honored to meet with the winners of our March charity contest: Animal Rescue Network of New England (ARNNE)!














ARNNE has rescued thousands of dogs since its inception in 2001, doing its part to reduce the 8-10 million animals that are euthanized each year simply because there are not enough good homes out there. Its mission is to create a unified network of shelters and rescue organizations throughout New England in order to combat the problem of pet overpopulation. ARNNE provides care and shelter for rescued homeless dogs and places them in loving new homes, while also working to educate the public about pet overpopulation. It’s common practice to kill animals in shelters in order to make room for new ones, even though a shelter across town or across state lines might have room for adoptions. Too often, a pet loses an opportunity to find a “forever” home because it sits waiting just a few miles away!


Where do all these lovable pooches come from?


Some come from high kill shelters in southern states where there is a deficiency of spaying and neutering and dogs are allowed to roam free; the result is overcrowded shelters that euthanize dogs. Other times, owners surrender their dogs because they get sick, or can’t afford them any longer, or even pass away. This creates a situation in which dogs need good homes, dogs like Ed, who was given up at age 3 because the owner lived in a city and didn’t realize he’d get so big. His next owner eventually couldn’t take care of him either, due to a change in life situation, so he was rescued by ARNNE at age 11. Or Foxy, who just arrived from Texas at 10 years old, and was lucky enough to get adopted right away.


ARNNE dogs range from puppy to senior, so it’s likely there’s a furry friend out there for just about anyone!

Mary (left), Ed the Dog (left), Dale Sanford (center), Jen (right center), Foxy the Dog (right center), Donna Clark (right)

People like President Donna Clark (founder) keep ARNNE going with volunteers like Mary and Jen. Others help put dogs into foster care so they can await new homes.


If you you’re looking for that special frenfluffable friend, or just want to donate, then please consider ARNNE. A little goes a long way!


ARNNE hosts a Pet Adoption Day about once a month at the First Congregation Church in Pelham, NH from 11 am—2 pm. Shelters from all over New England and beyond unite to interact with the public and show the pets available for adoption, and these animals desperately need your help.


Contact ARNNE today, or take a peek at the dogs they currently have for adoption.


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